Assassination attempt on Dutch Queen Beatrix

During the Dutch annual national festival , the Queen's Day, today a car tried to hit the open bus with the Royal Family. The car knocked over 14 audiences (two are dead) and crashed with a monument. Here are the (live) Dutch television pictures. Warning': don't click the link if u do not want to see shocking pictures. The nationa festival is canceld.

Video of Dutch TV

Update one day later:

7 death including the culprit, 9 casualties, all spectators and photographs. In his last words the culprit said, that he wants to hit the bus with the royal family. The motivation is unknown. It's a 38 years old Dutch man. Nothing known about him, no connections with terrorism, nothing known about a psychical disease.

Queen Beatrix on Dutch TV

Which as a beautiful day began, ended in a dreadful drama, which shocked us deeply. Humans, who stood near to the place or at home by the television, saw what happened, all are shaken and speechless. We are speechless that somewhat so terrible could happen. My family, I, but I think also all in the country, feel from whole heart with the victims, with their families and friends and with all, which were deeply met by this misfortune.

Forward the video to 17:25 - 17:45 to se a computeranimation of the attack

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  1. Mit meiner Mutter habe ich mich noch gestern unterhalten, ob Beatrix am Königinnentag das Zepter weitergibt. Da wußten wir beide noch nicht, was da geschehen ist. :-(

    Ich verstehe sowas nicht, zumal es so ein nettes und menschliches Königshaus ist. :-(