Khomeini's tapes and people's twitter

Me now is nearly 58 years old.

Do U remember the modern tapes of the 70-years, where we recorded our favourite music?

Do U remember the day of 1979, when u saw
Ayatollah Khomeini on TV ?

The ayatollah also realized an alternative means of communication was needed to circumvent government censorship. Capitalizing on the spread of cutting-edge technology—cassette tapes—Khomeini’s sermons were spread to followers from home to home via a clandestine tape-swapping network. Today, the spread is global and nearly instantaneous. Updates from random citizens and anonymous eyewitnesses zip from the streets via cellphones and Twitter feeds to a global audience beyond the censors’ reach. The authorities have tried blocking Facebook, turning off text-messaging, and interfering with mobile Internet access, but the flow continues. (source)

The tapes of Khomeini smuggled and going from hand to hand, at the time of the latest Shah, and had more effect on Iranian people, than all the TV and radio. It was a new media, which bypassed all governments security and censorship. Now tapes are a thing of the past, the new media are Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

History comes back, isn't it?

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