Kamanjab combined school choir

Kamanjab in Namibia is little more than a cross roads having there a bakery, supermarket, post office, police station and a combined school for mostly orphans and children, who don't see their parents (farmers around) for the whole of a semester.

For tourists, Kamanjab is a start to visit the Himba tribe to see "Real Africa". But we saw something other spectacular in the evening: suddenly around 40 pupils came out of the darkness to the Oase Guest House and sang. They are incredible musicians, autodidacts,  conducted by 3 students this evening; they have no music teacher! After one hour vocals, they disappeared in the darkness. From the collected money they will finance a journey to the capital  Windhoek for a performance.

This was a highlight of our Namibian trip. This is real Africa, not the Himba Tribe DisneyShow for tourists ...

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  1. Ben benieuwd naar méér beelden van jullie vakantie!
    Dit is alvast een leuk spontaan moment geweest voor jullie.