German revolution: The insolvency

20 years ago: November 6th 1989, secret negotiations about the upcoming insolvency of the GDR.

In Bonn, Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski, representing Egon Krenz, secretly meets with West German Chancellery Minister Rudolf Seiters and Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. He tells them that the SED leadership is ready to open the Wall gradually in return for new loans totalling twelve to thirteen hundred thousand marks, and extended economic cooperation. His most urgent request is for the West German government to temporarily help pay for the increased travel of GDR citizens expected as a result of the travel bill, which would amount to an additional 3.8 hundred thousand marks. [more]

Two years later, the former budget accountant of the GDR, Alexander Schalk-Golodkowski, told about the real financial situation of the former GDR

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