Going public today

Today I enable the public view of my blog ( I name it "shelter") and bring and end to my virtual homelessness. Feel free to visit my home here at any time u wish.

Comments are moderated for now to protect you and me against spam. If u are interested, subscribe this blog to your RSS-reader or live-bookmarks of your browser (click on the orange icon in the url-bar on the right).

And yes, I post here in Dutch or German or English by turns; click on the labels on the right hand side if you want to read this blog only in your own language.

In the side-menu you see links to some of my visited websites (ordered by alphabet) and some of my subscribed blogs (ordered by date of last posting).

Enjoy and thank you for your interest :-)


  1. ich erinner mich noch: '96 heidruns 40ster geburtstag..ich freu mich auf deine blogs!!

  2. Und ich erinnere mich an eine Hochzeit, die Du barfuß mitgemacht hast :-)